Problems with paying the installment? The Borrowers Support Fund is already in operation


Borrowers who have trouble paying off their housing loan installments have gained a new aid instrument. From February 19, you can submit applications for withdrawals from the Borrower Support Fund. Within a maximum of 18 months, you can receive up to PLN 1,500 per month for payment of the installment.

Who can benefit?

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People who meet one of the conditions are unemployed, their installment exceeds 60 percent. income or after paying the installment in the household budget remains less than PLN 634 for a one-person household or PLN 514 per person for a multi-person household. In addition, borrowers seeking assistance may not be the owner of another building or dwelling, or be a tenant of such property.

Also the loss of job and the status of the unemployed cannot result from the termination of the employment contract by mutual agreement or as a result of disciplinary dismissal. In case of problems with repayment, it is worth starting the procedures earlier and not lead to a situation when the bank terminates our loan agreement. In such a situation, it will no longer be possible to use the Borrower Support Fund.

How much? Where? For how long?

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An application for the payment of aid from FWK should be submitted to your bank, where we repay the housing loan. If we meet the criteria, we should sign a contract and the funds will be transferred within a maximum of 30 days.

The amount equivalent to the loan installment will be transferred directly to the bank account used to repay the loan, but not more than PLN 1,500 per month. The aid may be paid for a maximum of 18 months or until we stop meeting the criteria that were a prerequisite for obtaining support, i.e. our income would increase or we would lose the status of an unemployed person.

Help to return after 2 years

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After 2 years from the end of disbursement of aid from the CEF, the amount received must be paid back. The repayment will be spread over 8 years and the installments will be interest-free. So if, for example, for 18 months we received PLN 1,500 a month, then we will pay 281.25 a month for 8 years.

Assistance from the Borrower Support Fund is directed to all persons who have housing loans, regardless of the currency of this loan. The design of the support granted means that people with temporary problems in paying the installment should use this tool. This certainly does not solve the problem of excessive debt that franchisees are facing.


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