What is acomplia rimonabant?

It is an anti-obesity drug that has been developed by a very renowned pharmaceutical company called Sanofi Aventis. In simpler words, the drugs aims to help you lose weight by restricting the amount of calories you take through your foods!

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Basically the drug inhibits endogenous cannabinoid to connect from neuronal CB1 receptors, which results in affecting your hunger and thus, decreasing your calorie intake. Acomplia rimonabant holds appetite suppressing properties.

acomplia rimonabant pillsThe drug was introduced in 2006 in Europe, as an agent that can help people shed weight. However, it never managed to clear the safety standards set by Food and drug Administration in USA.

Yes, since it possesses a wide array of side effects, thereby, its usage was never approved or certified as safe by FDA.

As a matter of fact, it was observed that the usage of this drug actually raised the chances of adverse psychiatric events in many, where few reported to ‘experience’ thought of suicide very often.

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Interestingly, the sale of Acomplia rimonabant was suspended in 2008 on the grounds of safety. Studies suggested that the usage of the Acomplia rimonabant actually increased the chances of psychiatric disorders, in the group that was given the drug as compared to the group that was asked to take a dummy pill.

Though, when I came to weight loss, the drug was highly approved and acclaimed for its weight loss powers. Then again, the adverse effects associated with its usage greatly outweighed the powerful weight loss effects it contain.

Considering the negative side of this weight loss drug, we cannot suggest or recommend its usage to our readers. However, there are a number of weight loss supplements that promote weight loss, way more safely and naturally.

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acomplia weight loss before and after

Well, to know more about this weight loss drug Acomplia rimonabant, let’s discuss each and every aspect of it in detail, below:

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acomplia weight lossThe agent simply helps to impede cannabinoid receptors within your brain. Interestingly, this affects your appetite and your urge to eat more, decreases. Basically, it aims to control the habit of munching or snacking in between the meals.3 best diet pills

As we know, snacking is a mere source of calories, food that our body does not need, or say, food that actually loads our body with calories.

Thereby, the drug simply suppresses your appetite, helping you to adhere to three main meals! Of course, this limits your consumption of calories, which is the key to quick and effective weight loss.


When it comes to effectiveness that is in cutting the unwanted pounds from your weight; then the drug is actually effective. Since it holds appetite suppressant properties, thereby one can expect to shed some excess kilos from its usage, but then again, its nasty effects cannot be overlooked.

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The recommended dosage of Acomplia rimonabant is a single pill that needs to be taken every day, prior taking your breakfast.

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According to the belief of some experts, the drug can help in treating the addictions of nicotine, as well as some other medicines.

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rimonabant studies


A study conducted few years back took a sample of 6600 people, all with unhealthy weight. These participants were divided into two groups where a single group was given the drug whereas the other was on placebo. Read Ph.375 reviews and see how it works?

The group on Acomplia rimonabant managed to lose more weight than the other on dummy pills, however, the side effects noticed by group A were much more to reach a definite conclusion.


The drug includes a core ingredient by the name of this medicine itself, rimonabant. Basically, it is a synthetic chemical formula that has been formulated to curb hunger and help you ‘overcome’ the untimely and constant cravings for foods.

The formula simply interacts with the receptors present within your brain.

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As mentioned earlier, the drug possesses a series of side effects, few of which are also fatal. The fact that it interacts with your central nervous system is what makes its usage very, very risky. Those who have tested Acomplia rimonabant have experienced the following side effects:

1. nauseaDepressions.
2. Suicidal thoughts.
3. Nausea.
4. Joint pain.
5. Anxiety.
6. Nausea.

Moreover, the consistent usage of Acomplia rimonabant can result in the following:

1. Multiple sclerosis.
2. Huntington’s disease.
3. Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Parkinson’s disease.

Due to the potential side effects associated with the usage of Acomplia rimonabant, the drug failed to be approved by FDA.

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Considering the affordability factor, Acomplia rimonabant is less costly than many of the weight loss pills available these days. Purchasing the product in bulk, would give you some additional discounts!

acomplia rimonabant for weight loss


No matter if you are healthy, or are undergoing any medical treatment, avoid using the drug until being prescribed or approved by a health care professional. The reason for this is pretty obvious, the side effects!

If you are using Acomplia rimonabant, do not expect it to deliver quick, weight loss results. Then again, we highly discourage the usage of this anti-obesity drug for its nasty effects, will outweigh the possible, weight loss effects you will receive ‘against your health’!

Instead, you can always look up for some more natural options, weight loss supplements that are proven to promote weight loss, without risking your health!

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